Beijing Adhesion Society (BAS) was founded at November 20, 1982. BAS was one of the earliest society in Beijing, even in China. It was leaded by Beijing Association for Science and Technology, rely on Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute, a juridical association that authorized by Beijing government.
CIB’06th China International Bonding

  ’2016 China International Bonding Technology Symposium
  Adhesive Bonding Technology


Xi’an, P.R.China

Oct. 16-19, 2016
  Call for Papers

  Adhesive bonding has become one of the most influential and indispensable technologies in modern industry. ’2016 China International Bonding Technology Symposium (The 6th China International Bonding-CIB’06) will be held on Oct.16-19, 2016, in Xi'an, China.
  The organizing committee is comprised of renowned experts in adhesive bonding. The CIB’06 is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of bonding technology and learn recent advances in products and applications of adhesives and sealants. An exhibition and a poster session will accompany and complement the program of the symposium.
  The topics of the conference are
  ★ Fundamental aspects of adhesion
  ★ Chemistry of adhesives and sealants
  ★ Innovative application
  ★ Surface technology
  ★ Properties of adhesive joints ??
  ★ Standard & Quality control ??
  ★ Ecological aspects
  All papers and posters will be published in a conference book which will be coming
  out at the beginning of the conference.
  The conference languages will be Chinese and English with alternate translation.
  Conference fee
  1. Conference ticket

Non-Student Student
US$600 US$300

  Students should register with their ID.
  2. Accommodation(excluded from the ticket)

Queen Room& Standard Room Suite
320 RMB(BF) 650 RMB(BF)

  3. Payment method
  You can pay by cash or card at the site.
  — Beijing Association for Science and Technology
  — Beijing Adhesion Society ?
  — Xi’an Association for Science and Technology.
  — Xi'an Adhesive Technology Association
  — Northwestern Polytechnical University
  —The Society of Adhesion of Japan
  —The Society of Adhesion & Interface, Korea (SAIK)
  —Germany Adhesion Society
  —Taiwan Synthetic Resins Adhesives Industrial Association
  —Shanghai Adhesive Technology Association
  —Kunming Adhesion Society
  —Wuhan Adhesion Society
  —Zhejiang Adhesion Association
  —Ningbo Adhesives and Products Industrial Association
  —Hebei Adhesion and Coatings Association
  —Tianjin Adhesive Seminar
  —Maco Group Corporation
  —Sika Technology AG, Switzerland
  —Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  —Tsinghua University
  —The Fourth Military Medical University
  —Beijing Forestry University
  —Northeast Forest University
  —Beihua University
  —Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
  —3M China Limited
  —《Adhesion in China》
  —《China Adhesives》
  —《Chemistry and Adhesion》
  Science Committee
  Chairman of Science Committee
  Qian Zhiguo, Beijing Adhesion Society, China
  Vice-Chairman of Science Committee
  Chen Jihua, Xi'an Adhesive Technology Association, China
  Zhang Qiuyu, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
  Chairman of the Science Committee
  Yi Xiaosu, AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, China
  Vice-Chairman of the Science Committee
  Wulff Possart, Saarland University, Germany
  Akira Nakasuga, The Adhesion Society of Japan, Japan
  Hyun-Joong Kim, Seoul National University, Korea
  Zhang Junying, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China
  Members of Science committee
  Akio Takemura, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  Paul Geiss, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
  Pierre Jousset, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Switzerland
  Huang Heqing, Taiwan Synthetic Resins Adhesives Industrial Association
  Bai Xuefeng, Institute of Petrochemical, Heilongjiang, China
  Chu Fuxiang, Chinese Academy of Forestry, China
  Gu Jiyou, Northeast Forestry University,China
  Kan Chengyou, Tsinghua University, China
  Qu Jun, Sika Technology AG, Switzerland
  Chen Yu, Beijing Huateng Hightech Corp., China
  Fan Hong, Zhejiang Association of adhesive technology, China
  Guan Rong, Hubei University, China
  Hu Gaoping, Wuhan Adhesion Society, China
  Hu Yongning, Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute, China
  Li Jianzhang, Beijing Forestry University, China
  Li Shixue, Tianjin Adhesive Seminar, China
  Li Yixiang, Xi'an Association for Science and Technology, China
  Lin Jinhe, Beijing Linshi Fine Chemical & New Material Co.,Ltd., China
  Lin Zhongxiang, Nanjing Forestry University, China
  Luo Daoyou, Beijing Supex Materials Co.,Ltd., China
  Ren Tianbin, Shanghai Adhesion Technical Association, China
  Ruan Yongzhang, Ningbo Adhesives and Products Industrial Association, China
  Shen Wenbin, Adhesion Magazine, China
  Tang Liqun, The Fourth Military Medical University, China
  Tian Lizhuang, Hebei Province,Adhesive and Coatings Association, China
  Tian Wen, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, China
  Wang Xin, 3M China Limited, China
  Wang Ziping, Beijing Comens New Materials Co.,Ltd., China
  Yao Qisheng, Shanghai Kangda Chemical Co.,Ltd., China
  Zhai Haichao, TONSAN Adhesive, Inc., China
  Zhang Feng, Shanghai Huitian Chemical New Materials Co.,Ltd., China
  Zhang Jingfu, Maco Group Corporation, China
  Zheng Zhifeng, Kunming Adhesion Society, China
  Invited Lecture
  1、PU-Steel Joints – Ageing phenomena due to water and oxygen at moderate temperature
  Wulff Possarti,Saarland University,Germany
  2、Possibility of aqueous epoxy resin as the reinforcement of soy protein adhesive
  Akio Takemura,The University of Tokyo,Japan
  3、Electrical conductive adhesive bonding and structural composite technology
  Yi Xiaosu,,AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials,China
  4、Technological convergence of pressure sensitive adhesive for the next generation display
  Hyun-Joong Kim,Seoul National University,Korea
  Zhang Junying,Beijing University of Chemical Technology,China
  Oral Presentation
  6、Influence of hygrothermal degradation on strength of structural adhesive-bonded joints
  Zhou Qing,Tsinghua University,China
  7、Current situation of bonding technology in Europe
  Qu Jun,Sika Technology AG,Switzerland
  8、A new thermally remendable and recyclable epoxy thermoset based on siloxane equilibration
  Huang Wei,Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences,China
  9、Preparation and application of onphotosensitive resin of thiol click system curing by UV
  Zhang Qiuyu,Northwestern Polytechnical University,China
  10、Biobased epoxy resins with low dielectric constant and high adhesion strength- molecular structure and properties
  Fan Hong,Zhejing University,China
  11、The conservation of ancient murals and application of adhesives
  Zhao Xichen,Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology,China
  Cheng Jue,Beijing University of Chemical Technology,China
  13、The new technology of modified Epoxy resins Based on The Hyperbranched polyurethane
  Zhao Xiuli,Institute of Chemical Materials,China Academy of Engineering Physics,China
  14、The Study of bismaleimide resin structural coating with high temperature class
  Wang Dezhi,Institute of Petrochemistry Heilongjiang Academy of Science,China
  Ma Jingyu,Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage,China
  16、Composite particles as functional fillers for conductive adhesives
  An Zhenguo,Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry,China
  17、Preparation and functionalization of renewable polymers derived from lignin
  Han Yanming,Chinese Academy of Forestry,China
  18、The adhesive products applied in railway engineering: current status and demand analysis
  Cheng Guanzhi,China?Academy of Railway Sciences,China
  19、Evaluation and Analysis of Durability for high Performance PSA with Multi-layer Structures
  Ji-Won Park,Seoul National University,Korea
  20、Molecular Weight and Crosslinking System on the Adhesion Properties and Flexibility of Acrylic PSAs
  Jung-Hun Lee,Seoul National University,Korea
  21、Adhesion Properties and Viscoelastic Behavior using various Crosslinking Agents
  Gyu-Seong Shim,Seoul National University,Korea
  22、Optimization of polyol prepared from Acacia mangium wood fibre
  I. Palle, N Hori, T. Iwata and A.Takemura,The University of Tokyo,Japan
  23、3M Bonding Solution for Mobile Device
  Undetermined,3M China Limited,China
  24、UV curing of epoxy resin
  Yang Jinliang,Changzhou Qiangli Photoelectric Material Co.,Ltd.,China
  25、The development of adhesion technology and application of wearable technology
  Gong Yan,Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology,China
  Conference Office(China)
  Date:??Oct,16-19, 2016
  Venue: Xi’an Grand New World Hotel?
  Location: 172 Lianhu Road Lianhu District, Xi’an, Shanxi, P.R.China
  Nie Hailan 13911555998 (Secretary general of Beijing Adhesion Society)
  Liang Fabin 13909251664 (Secretary general of Xi'an Adhesive Technology Association)
  Ma Chuanxiu 13810658781????Liang Yongjie 13891884060
  Beijing Adhesion Society
  123 North Zhong Guan Cun Street,Haidian District,Beijing 100084, Beijing, P.R.China
  Tel:??+ 8610-82671516???Fax:??+ 8610-82626721
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  information of this conference.
  Sponsorship to be determined, if you’re interested, please contact Nie Hailan of the Secretariat.??


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